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The Master Craftsman's Guide to Picking A Jeweler’s Workbench

A jeweler’s workbench is like a painter’s easel, a strong support for the canvas, in this case, the stunning piece of jewelry you’re crafting. You spend countless hours utterly focused in the moment of creation. There is no doubt that your workbench is an important part of your craft, and deserves much consideration when selecting.

As experts within the jewelry industry ourselves, we know exactly what you need. Here are some of our expert’s tips on selecting the right bench to meet your professional and creative needs.

1) Professional Features

What makes our jeweler’s workbenches the preferred brand for many jewelers, engravers, and artisans are the features they come with. Depending on what your specialty is, we have a workbench that caters to your craft. Our PN-100, MO-40 an MO-50 jeweler’s workbenches have a special Formica layered on the bench tops, that offer more safety and durability when working with heat. This is a favored feature of professionals who solder or use a torch. Other features include pre-drilled holes for ring mandrels and aluminum catch trays for a cleaner experience with fine dust and material. Some of our models, like the GRS compatible jeweler’s workbench, has a 2” thick bench top with an aluminum plate to mount your GRS Tools on. Customers also have an option to upgrade some of our other workbenches to a GRS compatible bench top. Contact us today for our expert product recommendation.

2) Workbench Size

The size of the jeweler’s workbench is also an important facet worth considering when shopping for the ideal jeweler's workbench. There are several factors that motivate customers to either buy a large workbench, medium-sized workbench, or a small one. For example, our smaller jeweler’s workbenches, such as the MO-40, MO-50, MO-60, BN-250, and the PW are all ideal for students and schools because of their compact sizes and their lower price tags. But if your goal is to have more storage space, our largest jeweler’s workbench, the PN-110, is the way to go. Our awesome customers also have an option to modify the length of the workbench to meet their preferred height. Additionally, we can also manufacture the chest of drawers on either the right or the left side of the workbench, depending on the model of the workbench and the customer’s preference. So, if you're right-handed, you can have the drawers on the right side of the workbench.

3) Storage Space

For many professionals in the trade, having enough storage, for essential tools can make your workspace either enjoyable or a cluttered mess when there is a lack of storage, This makes navigating for tools time consuming and frustrating. With MasterCraft Workbenches, having enough storage is never a problem. Not only do our workbenches have plenty of storage already built in, they also have the option to accessorize with additional storage units. Browse our collection of organizers and see which one fits your jeweler’s workbench the best.

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